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In Fall of 2008 I was given the news that I had Cancer.  Defuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (Non-Hodgkins)

It was something that I didn't expect to hear.  But as I went through this Journey, I found many people going through this without hope.  I had my hope in my relationship to Jesus and because of that hope, I could share the hope I had.  Being a musician, I started to write some songs and had written others that fit a theme of hope.  The end result was the album shown above.  I actually recorded it while going through the cancer.  I burned copies and gave away many for 4 years, and then ended up re-recording the cd and added a couple other songs I had written, and added a book of words that told my story and the story of the songs.  since 2012, we have given over 8000 cd's away.  When Covid hit, I then made this, as well as all my music available to stream on any music app and YouTube.  The music is meant for anyone, going through a hard time, needing encouragement.  So please check out the link to youtube below.  You can also access all my music by just searching: David F. Anderson  on any music app or YouTube.  I pray God blesses and encourages you with this music.  Physical copies of the cd are always available

at Tada! Gadget Repair.

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