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Do Tempered glass screen protectors help?

Lots of people wonder if they should really get a tempered glass protector for their smartphone to protect their screen from damage. They often ask me, "Does it really help?"

My answer is Yes! it can often help protect your phone from having a broken screen. I have heard that from many customers in the past, who had taken it off for some reason and then ended up breaking their screen afterwards.

Recently, my daughter called and said that she thought she may have broken her screen on her phone. She had a tempered glass protector on her phone, and had dropped a bowl in the kitchen on the phone. it looked questionable whether or not it was going to be ok after the bowl had hit it.

When she brought it home to me to look at, I even wondered if it had worked to protect it or not. I carefully took the tempered glass screen protector off and found that the screen underneath was totally fine, looked like new!

So instead of a more costly repair, she just had a 20.00 replacement tempered glass to put on.

It does not always guarantee that the screen won't be damaged, but you have a much better chance of having a positive outcome from a drop. So please do yourself a favor and get a tempered glass protector on your phone. I can still repair it when you have those bigger drops that go beyond the ability of the protector. thanks, and have a great day and God bless!

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