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Is it time to give up on Apple? Maybe

I have been a user of apple phones for quite a few years now. they have been a good phone with many features I have liked.

The last few years things have been changing. Repairability scores have gone down, mainly because of apple putting things in their software that basically is serializing their parts. so where you used to be able to change a battery and have the health still show, now they have disabled that health and put a warning on the battery.

The same goes with screens. You used to be able to change your own screen and not have any problems, now

apple is putting warnings that it is not a genuine screen.

Apple has become a meddling company, basically trying to control what we can and cannot do with our own phones. So, the last few months, I actually stopped using my apple phone and now have an android phone and it is working fine enough that I may never go back to their controlling practices.

I don't think that any company should be able to tell you what you can and cannot do with something that you have purchased and now own. Because of their practices, I have not been repairing their new phones.

I think in the long run, it is going to hurt Apple, and many will get pushed beyond their patience. It's up to each person to decide, but I have made my decision.


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